Top reporters receive ~300 pitches/day via email. When your pitch is part of a group that large it’s easy to skip if anything is bland or unclear. The odds are against you, but taking some time to refine your message will improve your chances.

What to include.

Try to cover all of these points while keeping your email as short as possible.

Why is [reporter] a good fit for this story?

“You wrote about Tacocopter and we’re also a drone-based food delivery service”. You cannot substitute compliments for facts here, the fact that you liked reading one of their articles doesn’t make them more likely to write about you.

What/Why should [reporter] write about you?

Summarize the basis for the story including what is so different about your company that it’s newsworthy. Launching a new food delivery company is not news but launching a company that delivers food via drones is.

Proof that you’re on your way

Funding, user metrics, and previous founder success are all fine. Anything that shows you’re growing. Keep these concise. I recommend a bulleted list.

A brief description of the company

The goal here is to make sure they understand exactly what you do, be as clear as possible.

Angle / substory

Alternate stories that aren’t your primary message but are still interesting. eg: Company was named after the founders dog; Each car-sharing vehicle replaces an average of 15 private vehicles on the road.

Product description

A one paragraph (ish) description of what problem you’re solving and how you’re solving it.

Take aways

Crafting a pitch is an important step that a lot of people neglect. Put more time into it and be more successful.

If you’re interested in some more guidance, the PressFriendly team will personally provide feedback on any pitches sent to PressFriendly members (email us for early access) also have access to our Pitch Wizard which walks you through the process of putting together the info required for a good pitch email.

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