When Jeremy Baier was a tow-headed kid in a Wisconsin kindergarten he quickly acquired the nickname “Boomer” because his head-down, hard charging ways lead to lots of bruises. Twenty some-odd years later, PressFriendly is thankful that Jeremy hasn’t changed his head-down, hard charging ways.

JeremyWhen we were looking for our first hire, we wanted a head of PR operations with impeccable PR chops and a startup mentality. Jeremy met those standards. He had almost a decade of PR experience (in big agencies, small shops and for the past four years, in-house at BestBuy) and had participated three startup weekends. Many startup founders might have thought his location (Minneapolis) was a problem, but Paul and I had long ago agreed that we would be willing to build a remote team. We wanted to build the best team possible, no matter where they lived.

So Jeremy started on July 9th and we instantly became a better team. I began to focus on other aspects of the business that had been neglected and Jeremy began talking to customers. Since then Jeremy has built out a robust program and helped dozens of PressFriendly customers build great PR campaigns. Our userbase grew, our churn lowered and last week we added employee #4. Jeremy’s no-nonsense midwestern sensibilities helped make all that possible.

Last week Jeremy joined us in San Francisco for planning meetings and to give media training talks. Paul and I arranged to give him quite possibly the ugliest startup t-shirt ever and pass it off as our new logo. Ever the consumate pro, Jeremy betrayed no emotion after being handed a pink and black t-shirt with a Poodle logo. Check it out:

So welcome Jeremy, we’re proud to have you on the PressFriendly team.

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Joel is the CEO of PressFriendly. He is an enthusiast of startups, his three sons, Scotch and Philadelphia sports teams.

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