One of the rules of hiring is to find someone smarter than you. There are no dictums, however, about whether that employee should have more rhythm than you. Alas, I have “beat deafness” so even if Nisa wasn’t an ascendant DJ, she would still have much more musical abilities.

Nisa’s been a PR manager at PressFriendly for 2+ months now and we’re very lucky to have her on our team. Sharp, funny, and passionate are all adjectives that describe the second PressFriendly hire. Working with PressFriendly clients means that Nisa needs to be quick on her feet both literally and figuratively. Hopping between client meetings in SF and client calls with Europe and Asia, Nisa handles her role with aplomb and been fabulous in providing expert PR advice.

She’s been able to transition seamlessly between cleantech, payments, and mobile apps often in the same afternoon. Originally from Walnut Creek, Nisa went to UCSC and now works out of our office in SF.

Thanks for all your awesome work, Nisa… we’re glad you’re on Team PressFriendly.

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Joel is the CEO of PressFriendly. He is an enthusiast of startups, his three sons, Scotch and Philadelphia sports teams.

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